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School Information

St. Anthony's School opened in September 1991 and was built to meet the needs of the Catholic Community. The school is a one form entry Primary School and is situated at Titchfield Common at the southern end of Primate Road.

The Trustees of the Diocese of Portsmouth own the buildings and land and are responsible for the appointment of Foundation Governors. The school is maintained by the Church and Hampshire Local Education Authority.

St. Anthony's serves the Roman Catholic Parish of Park Gate.

It is the Governors' wish that the children of St. Anthony's be educated in a safe environment. The school is an integral part of the community where the spiritual life of the children is nurtured from Home to Parish to School.


Religious Education is a partnership between the child, parents, parish and Holy Spirit. At school we help to provide a religious background to support the children on their journey through life. The knowledge that we impart is only a part of the children's Religious Education. It is more important for the children to live their Faith; thus the greater part of our religious teaching is to be found in the totality of school life. The knowledge and values we give will continue the work which you, as parents, have started.

The programme used is "Here I Am", used widely throughout the country. The work we do at school is often celebrated by small liturgies to which parents are always welcome.

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